The Ultimate Espresso Package | Rocket R58 Cinquantotto Espresso Machine | Eureka Atom 75

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Rocket R58 Cinquantotto Coffee Machine

The Rocket R58 Cinquantotto Coffee Machine is a dual boiler espresso machine in the prestigious and popular Giotto range, packed with features and a new modern design.

Cinquantotto, meaning 58, is the latest version of the popular R58 coffee machine. Dual boilers operate independently to create unprecedented temperature stability for the coffee boiler, as well as increased levels of steam pressure and hot water supply from the service boiler. Improved temperature and pressure stability allow the barista to produce superior espresso.

The R58 Cinquantotto model also features a touch screen communication pod, from which temperatures for both boilers can be set and adjusted with ease. Adjustments can be made for a variety of roast profiles and origins to get the best shot possible from different beans. The R58 Cinquantotto now also includes an automatic on/off function so your machine is ready to go when you are!

Manual adjustments to the commercial-grade rotary pump can also be made by the external fitting found on the base of the machine.

The Rocket R58 Cinquantotto is visually stunning, as well as being a superbly capable espresso machine. With a fresh look of the full stainless steel cup frame and body and smooth streamlined design, the aesthetic of the R58 Cinquantotto is of a unique quality that will stand out in any coffee space.

The Rocket R58 Cinquantotto Coffee Machine provides a level of control over the stability, temperature and function of your machine that allows you to produce exceptional espresso without compromise!

Eureka Atom 75

The Atom 75 Specialty is the powerful new espresso grinder from Eureka that delivers the ultimate in grinding solutions. With Atom 75mm Flat Burrs and stepless micrometric grind adjustments, it allows for precise and repeatable grind settings to dial in the perfect espresso and delivers super fast grind dispersion, hand free into the portafilter.

Though possibly the best part to this champion of espresso grinders is the silent grinding Technology that Eureak have become so renowned for. With sound dampening material placed throughout the body of the grinder and motor, the grinding noise is decreased to utmost a hum compared to similar grinders of the same size.

Maintenance is easy and quickly carried out on the Atom 75, removing and cleaning burrs, where grind settings will be saved, to accessing the grind chute for regular cleaning as well. The grinder has been designed in principle to be the workhorse of a busy cafe, whilst still providing elegant and easy to use functions for the home or professional barista.

Proudly Italian made products that combine elegant design with innovative technology.

7 reviews for The Ultimate Espresso Package | Rocket R58 Cinquantotto Espresso Machine | Eureka Atom 75

  1. Damian (verified owner)

    It’s a good, middle-of-the-road product that won’t disappoint

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    It’s up to par

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    It’s a gem

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    A good find

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