Lelit Bianca | V3 | Flow Control | Dual Boiler | 58mm Group

$2,995.90 CAD

A domestic coffee machine that’s packed with features, the Lelit Bianca V3 offers a pro level of control that both beginners and experienced home baristas will enjoy. This compact Lelit coffee machine has a dual boiler, electronic and manual water flow controls, and a powerful steam wand that comes with two types of nozzles. A visually impressive machine, it has a high-sheen steel casing and walnut wood accents.

Thermal control and stability

Inside the Lelit Bianca are dual boilers and PID controls. You can set your boiler temperatures on the electronic control system and trust Bianca to deliver with accuracy. The V3 also heats up more quickly than its previous iteration so you can enjoy your coffee faster in the morning.

Water flow control

One of the most exciting things about the Bianca V3 is its ability to control water flow, either electronically or by using the paddle. This lets you experiment and discover different flavour profiles.

Electronically, you can set the low flow at the beginning as pre-infusion or at end of the extraction, or both. When controlling the flow manually through the paddle, you can keep an eye on the pressure on the manometer on top of the group. The Bianca also eliminates the risk of running out of water during extraction with its Reserve mode, which is automatically activated when you run out of water in the tank.

Incredible User Experience

The Lelit Bianca also has functionalities to make its daily use a pleasure. For starters, it has an anti-burn steam wand that comes with two-hole and four-hole nozzles. There’s also an energy-saving mode that switches off the machine after 30 minutes of inactivity. Finally, the Bianca can also be configured to fit your space perfectly because the removable tank can be placed on either the sides or at the back.


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