El Salvador Cuzcachapa Organic Coffee Beans

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This “Sacred Waters” Cuzcachapa El Slavador coffee features a vibrant acidity and develops orange flavors as the brew cools. Rich in flavor and full of body this gourmet coffee is only available in limited quantities each year – once it’s gone it is gone! Cuzcachapa gourmet coffee beans are both environmentally and socially responsible. By purchasing organic El Salvador coffee beans you help to protect El Salvador’s natural wildlife habitats and provide employment opportunities and medical attention to citizens in need.

The Cooperative Cuzcachapa is comprised of 1300 members, most of which are small gourmet coffee producers. The group works to better the social and economic conditions of coffee producers in El Salvador. The group also benefits by forming a larger body for marketing their gourmet coffee beans to international markets. Cuzcachapa won the title of Best Coffee in El Salvador in 2007 and is the authorized processing mill for the ‘Cup of Excellence’ competition that takes place every year.

11 reviews for El Salvador Cuzcachapa Organic Coffee Beans

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